Bosworth Softone (Keystone)

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Before a new denture rebase or final reline, Softone is a trustworthy tissue conditioner and functional impression material that repairs, conditions, massages, and rehabilitates injured tissue. Softone's inherent flex and flow promote natural healing and return tissue to a healthy physiological condition. Softone permits the denture to stay in the mouth for the duration of therapy.

Softone will massage and repair a swollen or sore ridge to restore the patient's comfort level. Softone is a long-lasting impression material that lasts up to four days in the mouth.

Pink or white powder is available.

Spray TAC or apply liquid on the denture before applying TruSoft to make TruSoft removal easier.

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113-0921775Softone Tissue Conditioner Standard Kit Ea White 0921775 $93.95
113-0921775PSoftone Tissue Conditioner Standard Kit Ea Pink 0921775P $93.95

Trusoft Resilient Denture Acrylic Relining Material is a PEMA-formulated intermediate liner ideal for patients who need a longer adjustment period before adopting a hard liner or denture foundation material. Pressure ache, tender ridges, sensitive places, and irritated tuberosities will be avoided thanks to its suppleness. Trusoft is designed to be durable for up to 30 days.

Trusoft can be used as a preventative step for any patient, but it is especially important for those who are sluggish to recover or sensitive to wearing a new denture.

When the patient can demonstrate control and acceptance with Trusoft, he is ready for a permanent reline.

Standard Kit contains:
– 3 oz. (85g) Powder
– 4 oz. (119ml) Liquid
– 1/3 oz. (10ml) Bonding Liquid

Bulk Kit contains:
– 1 lb. (454g) Powder
– 8 oz. (236ml) Liquid
– 1/3 oz. (10ml) Bonding Liquid