COE-FLEX (GC America)

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COE-FLEX is a lead-free, all-purpose rubber base impression material for inlays, crowns, bridges, full and partial dentures, rebasing and relining. In more than 25 years of clinical practice, COE-FLEX has offered consistently detailed and precise impressions.
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677-131002Coe Flex Complete Package Regular w/adhesive 131002 $64.95
677-131003Coe Flex Complete Package Injection w/adhesive 131003 $64.95
677-131004Coe Flex Complete Package Heavy w/adhesive 131004 $64.95
677-131005Coe Flex Complete Package Regular/Fast w/adhesive 131005 $64.95
677-131102Coe Flex Refill Package Regular Body 131102 $53.95
677-131103Coe Flex Refill Package Injection Type 131103 $53.95
677-131104Coe Flex Refill Package Heavy Body 131104 $53.95
677-131105Coe Flex Refill Package Regular/Fast Set 131105 $53.95
677-131202Coe Flex Base Regular 90Ml Ea 131202 $46.95
677-131205Coe Flex Base Regular/Fast 90Ml Ea 131205 $46.95
677-131302Coe Flex Catalyst Regular 45Ml Ea 131302 $46.95
677-131305Coe Flex Catalyst Regular/Fast 45Ml Ea 131305 $46.95