G-忙nial Universal Flo (GC America)

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G-忙nial Universal Flo represents the next advancement in the flowable composites category. In the past, dentists had to sacrifice strength and aesthetics to get the easy handling they loved with a flowable. That is no longer the case. Studies have confirmed that G-忙nial Universal Flo has higher strength, higher wear resistance, and higher gloss retention than other tested flowable composites; it even rivals leading conventional composites in these categories. Finally - no more sacrifices to receive the handling professionals love! Operates like a low-flow flowable, and performs like a restorative New, innovative delivery system Easy access, handling and placement Highly thixotropic, with an excellent flow Recommended for Class I, II, III, IV and V Restorations Higher strength than the leading flowables and conventional composites Higher wear resistance than the leading flowables and conventional composites Higher gloss retention than the leading flowables and conventional composites Contains 16 shades in three opacities bis-GMA free
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677-004202G-aenial Universal Flo A1 2ml Syringe 004202 $93.95
677-004203G-aenial Universal Flo A2 2ml Syringe 004203 $93.95
677-004204G-aenial Universal Flo A3 2ml Syringe 004204 $93.95
677-004205G-aenial Universal Flo A3.5 2ml Syringe 004205 $93.95
677-004206G-aenial Universal Flo A4 2ml Syringe 004206 $93.95
677-004207G-aenial Universal Flo B1 2ml Syringe 004207 $93.95
677-004208G-aenial Universal Flo B2 2ml Syringe 004208 $93.95
677-004209G-aenial Universal Flo B3 2ml Syringe 004209 $93.95
677-004210G-aenial Universal Flo C3 2ml Syringe 004210 $93.95
677-004211G-aenial Universal Flo AO2 2ml Syringe 004211 $93.95
677-004212G-aenial Universal Flo AO3 2ml Syringe 004212 $93.95
677-004213G-aenial Universal Flo BW 2ml Syringe 004213 $93.95
677-004214G-aenial Universal Flo CV 2ml Syringe 004214 $93.95
677-004215G-aenial Universal Flo JE 2ml Syringe 004215 $93.95
677-004216G-aenial Universal Flo AE 2ml Syringe 004216 $93.95
677-008468G-aenial Universal Flo AO1 2ml Syringe 008468 $93.95
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