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GRADIA DIRECT LoFlo is a light-cured, high viscosity flowable microfilled hybrid composite for simple restorations. GRADIA DIRECT LoFlo has 55% lower shrinkage than the leading flowable composite on the market, yet wears like a universal composite. This is a low shrinking, highly wear-resistant composite with ideal flow characteristics for final placement. Very low shrinkage minimizes contraction stress High Density Radiopaque (HDR) pre-polymerized fillers increase durability, polishability and radiopacity Contains fluoro-alumino-silicate glass Won't slump during placement, yet moves easily with an instrument or brush
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677-002289Gradia Direct LoFlo A1 (2 x 1.5gm Syr. + 4 Tips) 002289 $68.95
677-002290Gradia Direct LoFlo A2 (2 x 1.5gm Syr. + 4 Tips) 002290 $68.95
677-002291Gradia Direct LoFlo A3 (2 x 1.5gm Syr. + 4 Tips) 002291 $68.95
677-002292Gradia Direct LoFlo A3.5 (2 x 1.5gm Syr. + 4 Tips) 002292 $68.95
677-002295Gradia Direct LoFlo AO3 (2 x 1.5gm Syr. + 4 Tips) 002295 $68.95
677-002296Gradia Direct LoFlo CV (2 x 1.5gm Syr. + 4 Tips) 002296 $68.95
677-002298Gradia Direct LoFlo BW (2 x 1.5gm Syr. + 4 Tips) 002298 $68.95
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