Kromatica Alginate

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Kromatica Alginate is color changing and dust free. It's easy to use, thus eliminating the remake of appliances. It has minimum body flow and short duration in the mouth offers maximum patient comfort. Kromatica has a patient pleasing flavors like cherry, mint and bubblegum flavor.

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913-305-201Kromatica 1lb Pouch Fast Set, Cherry $12.95
913-305-202Kromatica 1lb Pouch Fast Set, Mint $12.95
913-305-203Kromatica 1lb Pouch Fast Set, Bubble Gum $12.95
913-305-205Kromatica 1lb Pouch Regular Set, Cherry $12.95
913-305-206Kromatica 1lb Pouch Regular Set, Mint $12.95
913-305-207Kromatica 1lb Pouch Regular Set, Bubble Gum $12.95